The wellness industry is rewarding, evolving and tough.

that's where wellness design co. comes in.



what wellness design co. does


WDCo. is a specialist branding and design agency dedicated to the global yoga and wellness industries. WDCo. helps business owners to position their products and services uniquely and authentically to the right customers through beautiful, well-considered brand and design tools.


who wellness design co. works with


WDCo. works with businesses in the global yoga and wellness industries including yoga, Pilates, meditation, retreat, alternative medicine and health practices. We work with passionate business owners looking for ways to position their businesses distinctively within their markets.


why work with wellness design co.


First hand yoga and wellness industry business experience sets WDCo. apart as a specialist agency. WDCo. draws from the hard-won brand and design insights, pitfalls and successes of its founder, Claire Keet, acquired during her years of owning Sentiens, a yoga gear business.